Tapes, Adhesives, Films, Foils 
Thin gauge products used in a variety of applications. Materials used in bonding, masking and fastening environments.
Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Coated Tapes
Membrane Switch Spacers Labels
Very High Bond (VHB) Tapes Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
Kiss Cut to roll/sheets Hook and Loop

Custom Molded Parts
Molded rubber products for sealing systems and isolation applications. We offer full design and engineering support to assist our broad base of customers in obtaining the highest quality custom molded shapes.
Face Seals Check Valves
Custom Profiles Grommets
Boots Thermoplastics
Rubber Products Diaphragm

To seal components from solid, gas, or liquid leakage. Our extensive selection of sheet and roll goods cover any gasket application requirement.
Flange Gaskets Compressed Sheet
Head Gaskets Beater Ad
Crank Case Cover

High Temp Materials
Used in demanding automotive, heavy duty diesel, and compressor environments.
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Heat Shields
Rubber Coated Metal (RCM) Graphite

To absorb and/or distribute heat to protect surrounding components
Phase Change Material Thermal Grease
Gap Fillers Heat Spreaders

Die Cut Parts
We convert/fabricate a wide range of material types and thicknesses for use in applications such as insulation, cushioning, friction control, and dampening. Because of our strong relationships and deep discounts with the most prominent factories in the world, QIP can offer the most competitive pricing and lead times in the industry. Our wide-ranging inventory of raw materials enables us to respond quickly to volatile demands. Our extensive equipment enables us to slit, laminate or sheet material to obtain the best format to fabricate. Our modern presses are automated to provide the best nesting and usage/material yields to reduce waste

Foam and Filtration 
To filter water and air, and as a barrier to control debris. Environmental sealing and applications for weather-proofing components
Polyurethane PVC Foam
Polyethylene Access Doors
Non-Wovens Panel Gaskets
Urethane Foams Low Closure Fore Seals

Standard rubber, plastic, metal molded or machined parts. From AS-568 O-rings to extrusions and backup rings, we stock a wide array of sizes and compounds.
O-Rings Extrusions
Back-up Rings Oil Seals
Encapsulated Seals O-Lube
Lathe Cuts Perfluoronated Elastomers

Vibration Control and Dampening
To absorb vibration, provide acoustic insulation and noise rampening
Decking Seals Silicone Sponge
Gap Fillers Open and Closed Sponge Rubber
HVAC Seals Motor Mounts